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Build a practice, hone your skills, elevate or invert your yoga practice

Build confidence & strength with a fun alternative fitness

Hello! My name is Jonina, I have been teaching, training, and practicing pole fitness, yoga, and pilates since 2005. I currently reside in Colorado.My first experience with pole fitness was also my first experience with yoga at the very first pole dance fitness classes on O’ahu, Fit For A Goddess, where I first trained to be a pole dance fitness teacher. My love for pole turned into a passion to learn and teach, so I trained and learned from and amongst the pole dance industry’s best. I met a strong, diverse, confident, and welcoming community who helped me realize my potential, patience, and strength in my own abilities as a teacher and trainer.I owned and operated Divine Body Fitness in St. Louis, MO for 8 years. It was the best experience and life lesson for me because it was a personal journey and self discovery into my own personal mental and physical boundaries.The constant years of wear, tear, impact on my bones and muscles, stress, and poor posture caught up with me at a chiropractor visit that left me in constant radicular pain for about 2 years that negatively impacted my mental and physical health. I finally decided to have an MRI and ultrasound on my spine and was diagnosed with herniated discs and stenosis in my cervical spine. That is when I chose to abruptly step back and away from teaching and practicing to rehabilitate my cervical spine and take care of my mental health.My rehabilitation journey is still ongoing with routine acupuncture, massage therapy, and yoga practice. In 2020, I trained to become a certified Yoga Instructor to build a sustainable yoga practice for myself that has enlightened me to attempt to live a healthier mind and body balance. The time that I took to step back and away has renewed my drive to continue teaching and training.Those I train and teach receive the best of my experience, knowledge, encouragement, and supportive coaching. I try my best to learn something new or hone my skills as a student, teacher, and trainer as often as I'm physically able to. I pride myself on personal and professional accountability and proper practices, techniques, alternatives, and exercises that prioritizes safety above all because I incorporate what worked for me personally, trainers that trained me, and students that I have trained.My teaching style is to challenge you mentally and physically so you can break through that "I can't" mindset. I train and teach to become self aware of your actual limits.




I am a certified pole dance fitness, flexibility, & yoga instructor with a strong focus in strength & flexibility conditioning.



There are different styles of yoga. No previous experience is required. Jonina teaches the following styles:Ashtanga - a traditional structured posture series that can be an intense and demanding practice. You will definitely feel your muscles the next day.Vinyasa - often referred to "flow yoga" and structured with one breath, one movement - inhale up or forward, exhale down or backward.
Yin Yang - a slow passive and active practice where poses are held for a longer period of time. This practice is great for flexibility training.
Yang and Yin - two styles of yoga blended into one practice. Yang incorporates dynamic active movement and yin incorporates slow passive holds. This is a great practice to start with as a beginner and very beneficial for a seasoned practitioner.

Yoga Wheel

No previous experience is required. The wheel can be incorporated into a yoga sequence practice or prop assistance.This prop is great for balance, strength, and flexibility training for beginners to advanced. If have a yoga practice and have been trying to accomplish poses like: Peacock (Mayurasana) pose or handstand (Ahdo Mukha Vrksasana), this prop changes the "game" making these poses a bit more accessible with assistance in elevation and core training.15" diameter yoga wheel is the ideal and maybe challenging to find. The normal 12"-13" diameter yoga wheels still work well. Anything smaller in diameter are for advance practitioners working on deep flexibility.

Yoga Trapeze

No previous experience is required. Like the wheel it can be incorporated into a yoga sequence practice or prop assistance.Best described as traction therapy for your spine not to mention inverted yoga fun. Like the yoga wheel it is also great for balance, strength and flexibility training for beginners and advanced. This can be used like TRX for strength exercises, elevated balance pose assistance and gravity assist for flexibility training.

Pole Dance Fitness

No experience is required. This activity does has a negative stigma attached, but it does not have to be nor should it be.This is a fun alternative fitness that builds strength, flexibility, and confidence. Learn what can be an acrobatic aerial dance or dance fitness that allows you to hone your sensuality.This physical activity does take hard work and dedication to accomplish the acrobatic aerial tricks and inversions, but that's where lies the challenging fun. For some it takes weeks, others longer but to see the changes is what most look forward to.The usual question received is, "Will I or can I lose weight with pole fitness?" The answer is, yes and like any other fitness workout you have to put in the time and effort. Most of the time, you will be having fun that you may not notice the physical changes, but when you do it's the best feeling.Another usual question is, "Do I have to wear underwear or booty shorts for pole?" Not necessarily. As much exposed skin is safe to practice pole because it allows your body to stick and hold poses, but pole is not just about the cool tricks. You can practice pole with floorwork, chairwork and grounded spins where you can practice with yoga capris and t-shirt.


All sales final. No refunds, transfers, or credits. Prices include taxes and processing fees.

30 Minute Intro Lesson


Lesson expires 7 calendar days from date of purchase. Can only be purchased once.
Additional Terms & Conditions apply.

Four 60 Minute Private Lessons


$55 per lesson. Package expires 30 calendar days from date of purchase. Additional Terms & Conditions apply.

Six 60 Minute Private Lessons


$53 per lesson. Package expires 30 calendar days from date of purchase. Additional Terms & Conditions apply.Get a $15 discount when you purchase on the same day as your Intro lesson.

Eight 60 Minute Private Lessons


$50 per lesson. Package expires 30 calendar days from date of purchase. Additional Terms & Conditions apply.Get a $15 discount when you purchase on the same day as your Intro lesson.


Why don't you have a contact #?
This day and age there are quite a few spam bots and telemarketers out there. As a business it's stressful enough navigating through things day to day so for my own personal mental health, I've decided to try to limit those unwanted stress factors. If you contact me appropriately, you will receive a response from me within 24 hours or less.
When do you offer your live stream and in person lessons?
Usually Monday through Saturday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. MST, except national holidays.
Do you have a brick and mortar location?
Could lessons be conducted at my home?
Yes, within 5 miles from 80104.
Where do you offer in person lessons?
Within 5 miles from 80104 at an indoor/outdoor location mutually agreed upon.
If meeting at an indoor location, will there be an additional fee?
No, unless there is a specific location that requires a fee of more than $25 per person/per hour.
Do you offer outdoor lessons?
Yes, but not during winter or wet weather. If it happens to rain right before the scheduled lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled. If it rains during the lesson, the remaining time will be added to your next scheduled lesson.
Should I book a 30 Minute Private Lesson before deciding on a package?
Yes! This will give you an idea of what to expect and if Jonina's services will be a right fit for your needs and wants.
Is Google Meet the only platform used for live stream lessons?
What are the steps to signing up for a lesson?
1. Contact Jonina.
2. Pay the emailed invoice within 1 hour of receipt to confirm your lesson(s). If the invoice is not paid within 1 hour of receipt, the lesson(s) will not be scheduled or confirmed
3. Fill out & submit the JLS Terms of Service Agreement & Waiver before your scheduled lesson (sent with invoice).
4. Prepare for your lesson and contact Jonina if you have any questions as soon as possible.
Why do I have to sign the JLS Terms of Service & Waiver?
A Waiver is a required legal document that any professional owner & business has to protect themselves & patrons.
Can I download or receive a recording of my live stream private lesson?
Yes, if you purchased any private lesson package only. Confirm with Jonina on how to access and download.
Can I purchase 1 lesson instead of a package?
One lesson will not benefit you or help you reach your goal(s). It is highly recommended to sign up for a one time 30 minute lesson before purchasing a package.
Is there an age limit?
No, but there is a minimum age requirement of at least 18 years old. Sorry, no exceptions.
Do you offer semi private lessons?
Will you teach a small private group?
I have no idea how to use technology, will you help me get my set up ready before my lesson?
Yes, just contact Jonina at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson for a video call.
Do I need to provide my own equipment and props for my private lessons?
For live stream lessons, yes. For in person lessons, no. If you are not able to obtain your props or equipment before your scheduled live stream lesson, please be sure to notify Jonina at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson to reschedule. No exceptions will be made if you do not reschedule on time.
Do you rent or sell props or equipment?
No, but recommendations and referrals can be suggested upon request.
What is the difference between what you are offering and what other teachers and studios offer?
I (Jonina) have over 10 years experience practicing, teaching, and training in yoga and pole dance fitness with honed experience in proper techniques to obtain safe success. I am personable, honest, and truly care about your mental and physical health. I am not into pressuring you into my services.
I am not comfortable with letting my friends, family or work know about my work out. What can I do to make sure they do not find out?
Anonymity is respected 100%. Pictures, names, or personal information are not disclosed or mentioned on any social media platform unless in case of a medical emergency.


Telegram Voice & Direct Message: @jo_lsfitEmail: [email protected]